Braids On A Bald Head


25 minutes

Hauwa Bello (Mannura Umar) is a quiet and petite hairdresser who lives with her jobless and abrasive husband Musa (Johnson Yakubu Sani), in a compound of six Flats with shared facilities in a semi–ÔÇÉrural community in Northern Nigeria. Theirs is a Marriage which has grown loveless over the years.
Whilst washing clothes early one morning, a new neighbour comes out of her flat and greets Hauwa; this surprises Hauwa as no one else wakes up as early as she does. She serves breakfast to her husband during which she asks about a job interview and if he knew anything about the new neighbour. Her questions irritate him and she leaves him in the flat to go for a bath. In the bathroom, she mistakenly walks in on the neighbour she met earlier. The woman smiles at her and asks her to close the door as Hauwa just stands, shocked and embarrassed. As Hauwa begins to Bathe in the next cubicle the woman introduces herself as Samira (Lucy Ameh); and then starts singing.

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