Pre Production Wk 2

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Copies of the script translated and printed, pinups that have ‘Braids on a Bald Head’ and ‘Auditions’ put up, water in a cooler, chairs dusted and set, the clock hit 11am and we have one person. Fabulous, at least one person came on time. A minute into his audition, after taking a look at the script and discovering it was in Hausa, he looks up with a sheepish smile; ‘I don’t speak Hausa’. A couple of obscenities flew threw my head, I passed on the first articulate thought of ‘but the posters did say the character needed to speak Hausa’ and I smile and say ‘that’s okay; we have an English version, would you prefer that instead?’; now we’re both smiling like buffoons hopefully both thinking the same thing about each other. It’s going to be an eventful day, hell the auditions run for four days; it’s going to be an eventful week.

The Kaduna auditions are done and we’ve seen close to thirty people. I have to say I’m a little impressed by the turnout and more so by the talent. When the people where good, they were pretty good; and when they weren’t, well they were inappropriate for the role.

A quick drive down to Abuja and we see more people on the first day than the two days in Kaduna put together. I still haven’t seen anyone that has struck my eye or has made me hold my breath, although I’ve been advised about the holding my breath bit.

We whip out a few more English versions of the script and I cringe a few more times and the auditions in Abuja are over. I have seen actors suitable for every role apart from my lead. I’m not going to be disheartened; Oliver in his deadpan fashion just says ‘you’re not meant to find Hauwa so easily’. The search for Hauwa continues.

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